I quit eating meat in 2000 because it tortures and kills animals, damages the environment by using up valuable land and water, creates more C02 emissions than any other industry on earth.

I tied my two passions together, Motorcycles and Veganism and formed Vegan's Choice Motorcycle Club - Shop VCMC apparel here.

"there are one billion people on earth starving yet we have enough food to feed 100 billion animals which are killed each year for food, after which, only 30% of those animals makes it back to the plates of humans."



"I quit eating meat because it kills animals. I quit religion because it harms people." ~ Phil Nicols

I believe we are vehicles - Stewards entrusted with the responsibility of leaving this world better than we found it. Contrary to popular belief, we own nothing. Not property, nor personal possessions, animals, other people, in fact, we don't even own our own bodies! We are only given them (and other things) for a given window of time. Every (physical) thing goes back to mother earth eventually but our energy lives on, possibly for many lifetimes, in many different forms. We gain knowledge each lifetime and build on past experiences.

We are all connected. People, animals, plants, trees, earth. The same atoms that make up our cells, also form them, whether they are animated or inanimate objects.

Veganism is not a diet, it's a verb. Try to cause the least amount of destruction and cruelty possible during our time here. It's not about giving something up, it's about embracing how much more there is when we open our minds and our hearts to "the true bounty" we have been given.